A compliant platform for digital Signature and encrypted Digital certificate of Stamping for Document Security


Design, Edit & Templatize

Solution have a capable engine to design any document type, with o365 Plugin. With the template creation it’s essay to maintain symmetric document approach

Track in Single solution

From a Document or Project creation, design, review, approval, Signature and Publish is possible in a sign platform, Also provide the tracking and visibility of each document within a system

Automation & Integration

Essay integration with supportive tools like email, word, and Signature tool. The capability of Evidence collection an signature tracking also gives the complete package

Easy user interface

Solution SUI is simple and easy for user access, which removes the unidentified errors or issues with minimum manual interaction optimise the user work performance timelines

Blockchain technology concept with a chain of encrypted blocks.businessman working with laptop computer with fintech, financial cryptocurrency such as bitcoin
02a- Blockchain and encryption

What we are Trying to accomplish with DoQStack®
DoQStack® as a digital signature platform provide a secure signature with and encrypted reply on the public key with blockchain technology. The validation of each signature with the trusted certificate authorities and the technology service provider. For more authenticate use of Document security and data privacy the DoQStack® Solution is designed. The signatures are verifiable for ensuring the signer authorisation. DoQStack® is offer on the pre- compliant platform to achieve the contracting compliance with multi- regulatory guidelines DoQStack® can be used for Multi Source document types like Validation Document, Decision Making Notes, Organization Policy, Guidelines Documents, Approval Document with Multiparty and multi-location Signing.
CSV Structure
Signature details
Project Timeline Tracking

How to ensure GAMP 5 requirements?

  • Process-specific readymade validation templates
  • Flexible approach to eCSV documentation and electronic signatures
  • Flexibility to store/maintain already completed eCSV projects
  • Validation and summary report generation
  • Hybrid mode of operations (upload scanned physical documents as authenticated PDFs)
  • Project life cycle management for effective product delivery
  • Schedule for project development and timeline
  • Dashboard for primary duties allocation and staffing the project completion